About Rutronix

India lives in its villages

- Mahatma Gandhi


KERALA STATE RUTRONIX was set up by the Govt. of Kerala, in 1990 as the apex body of 18 Rural Women's Electronics Industrial Co-operative Societies in the state. RUTRONIX has reach and presence throughout the State and has established a unique identity and integrity of its own. It manufactured and supplied components for reputed brands like Keltron TVs, Kamal Radios, ONIDA TVs and Pamba Electronics. The production line of RUTRONIX also includes Computers, UPS, EPABX, CF lamps, Solar Electric and Electronic Devices. With changing global scenario and the opening up of economy has led RUTRONIX to shift its focus from manufacturing to service industries. Its software division named 'Govern-IT' has implemented several software projects for a number of public sector organizations under the Govt. of India and the State Government, as well as for international agencies like the W.H.O.

The biggest turn around of RUTRONIX has been its training division which provides employment oriented computer-based training programs since 2006. Courses designed as per industry demands and developed by experts has turned out to be the biggest training house for job seekers of Kerala state.


HOST is a comprehensive project implemented by Kerala State RUTRONIX, emphasizing skill development, women empowerment, employment opportunities and entrepreneurial skills. In the first phase, HOST is launching Montessori- STEM Teachers training project, Candidates will be equipped with pre-school entrepreneurship knowledge and mould them into Montessori and STEM teachers.

HOST is providing a Heart centred Career focused platform for Pre-primary teachers who are passionate in early childhood education.

  • Each student will be well trained and qualified.
  • Learning through experimentation.
  • Opportunities for hands-on discovery.
  • Bringing concepts together to create a more holistic academic experience.
  • Development of practical, real-world skills that move beyond rote learning.

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